Printable Wedding Coloring Pages for Kids

Published on: Nov 19, 2013


A wedding is a ceremony in which two people exchange vows to marry each other. It usually takes place between a bridegroom (a man) and the bride (a woman). The majority of wedding rituals feature a couple uttering marital vows, as well as the presentation of several gifts and presents, such as flowers, rings, symbolic artifacts, money, and other possessions, as well as a public announcement of marriage by a person in authority.
The uniting of two persons is called marriage. It works in a similar way as a contract. Matrimony is another term for this. The term “wedlock” refers to the fact that a couple is married. People regularly express their excitement at the prospect of getting married.

Wedding Coloring Pages

We have a variety of lovely wedding coloring sheets, including wedding cakes and rings, among other things. These coloring sheets are a great way for youngsters to commemorate this momentous occasion! They may be colored and affixed to wedding presents as well.
You can get a lot of entertaining coloring sheets for free. Print them all out and enjoy coloring these pictures.

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