Printable Play Money


Money is a form of payment that includes both notes and coins and is used to pay for goods and services. The most effective way to learn about money is to role-play purchase scenarios that include tendering cash and receiving change. Play money and even number lines can be used to learn calculating change due.
Using toy money to set up a pretend shop is an excellent way to learn about money.

Introducing money

The Sorting and stacking activity is a wonderful way to introduce money and show the different values of money. Have a variety of notes and coins on hand, go through the names with the youngster, and have them sort the coins by size and any notes by color. Show them how various sizes and colors correspond to different values. When a child has learned the recognition of coins, have them sort a pile of jumbled notes and coins.

Play Money

These printable play money sheets may be used to teach youngsters about money or to add realism to games by using different denominations of coins and notes. Simply download and print and play

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