Australia Day Coloring Pages

Australia day is celebrated on January 26 in Australia. This national day shows different aspects of Australian culture and history. It is a very important day for the country and people celebrate it in different ways, with family, friends, in their houses, or in other places. During this holiday, there are a lot of civic events, including festivals, ceremonies, concerts, sports competitions, fireworks, and diverse outdoor activities. Nowadays, we can notice that there are a lot of pictures about this special day and through this article, we will focus on those images children can color related to this celebration.
Some coloring pages show a family celebrating Australia day at home; for example, they could be in the yard preparing food together, eating, talking, playing, and enjoying this day when family members meet. A barbecue is very common to celebrate this holiday with the family. Some people have picnics, go to parades, and other ceremonies held due to this day.
Another picture could be about a group of children playing in the street and holding some balloons with phrases like Happy Australia Day. We can also find a lot of fun cards children can decorate and color. These cards could be about some animals, Australian Flag, happy people, a boomerang, parades, etc. There is another great activity some people enjoy observing, the fireworks. Diverse coloring pages show citizens observing this wonderful festival.
Several people wear patriotic clothes and colors. They usually go out holding the Australian Flag or its map. Kids might love a picture like this because they can color the flag and the people shown in the image. Other coloring pages may show some kangaroos or other animals with this country’s Flag or with particular phrases about this wonderful day for Australian citizens.
During this Australian holiday, many events are held, so many people prefer to go and enjoy these activities. For example, some of them attend concerts or parades. There are diverse ceremonies you can observe on this day. Other people, enjoy going to parties with friends and relatives. These places are usually decorated according to the holiday and they put words and phrases to welcome people, like Happy Australia Day. Parents could find party pictures and encourage their kids to color all these elements. Some of the kids’ favorite coloring images are those that show animals like the beautiful and incredible Kangaroos.

Australia Day Coloring Sheets

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