Soccer world cup Qatar 2022

The FIFA World Cup (soccer) is a championship competition held every four years for teams from all around the world. The event is hosted by different countries.
The Soccer world cup is the world’s most watched sporting event and is scheduled to last many weeks. The process of qualifying for a World Cup squad takes substantially longer.

Flags of competing teams

Qualifying Stages

Over the span of nearly two years, several teams participate in regional qualifying competitions. In the end, qualifying teams are selected to battle for the prize.
The teams are divided into groups. Each team faces the other teams in its group in the first round. Each group’s top two teams advance to the next round of competition. In the following rounds, teams are eliminated as they compete against each other.

Soccer World Cup Coloring Pages

Between November 21 and December 18, 2022, Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup. It is the world’s largest soccer event, conducted every four years to put the world’s finest footballers against one another. Why not celebrate the event with these free printable coloring sheets? You’ll also find coloring pages from previous soccer world cups here.