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Pancake Day Coloring Pages

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Pancake Day coloring pages

Many people love eating pancakes, especially children. They are made of flour, milk, salt, sugar, butter or oil, egg, and you can add carrots or any other ingredients depending on your taste. You can eat them with butter, cheese or whatever you want for breakfast and even for dinner. There is a particular celebration, Pancake Day, which is celebrated in English speaking countries, such as United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and Canada. It is held the day before Ash Wednesday that is the beginning of Lent. People make a lot of pancakes and enjoy diverse activities during that day.
There are plenty of coloring pages about this tradition. You can get them from some books or you might download and print these images. Your children will probably have fun coloring these pictures and making them look as tasty as possible. One example could be an image with some pancakes and all the necessary ingredients.
Some other pictures show boys or girls cooking pancakes, tossing and catching them several times. Maybe, pancakes are shown on a plate on the table ready for family breakfast. Other pictures have messages such as “I love pancakes” or “Happy Pancake Day” and the main image is a pile of this delicious food. Some people eat them spreading butter, chocolate, jelly or cream, so it is possible to find these additional types of food in the pictures.
Another interesting activity about Pancake Day is a competition known as pancake racing. Many people have to run with a pancake in a pan and they also have to throw and catch it in the pan. They need to repeat this action several times. It is a funny and entertaining activity for them, some of these people wear diverse costumes.
There are many coloring pages about pancake racing. You can find different images of people wearing funny costumes in the middle of the street, running with the pancakes in their pans, and even when they are throwing these pancakes in the air. They need to be very careful to catch them and continue in the competition.
Many animated characters and some animals also appear in these pictures, making and flipping pancakes, such as some birds and bears. They might be in the kitchen cooking and spending a great time with family or friends, so when looking for coloring pages, you can see animals, children and adults preparing many pancakes.

Pancake Day Coloring Sheets

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