Fox Coloring Pages

There are many species of foxes living throughout the world.
Foxes can be found in most parts of the world, They can live almost anywhere, in towns and cities, mountains, in the countryside. Foxes are smart and clever, they are very adaptable animals. Foxes are omnivores, and they will eat anything that they can find.
One of the main reasons for the thriving foxes is their eating habits. Foxes will eat, anything from chickens, rodents, eggs, amongst other small animals,
they will also eat fruits, vegetables and any leftover foods like pizzas, fries, and other food that gets thrown away.

Some fox facts.

. Foxes may be a member of the dog family, but their behavior and some characteristics are similar to cats. Their eyes look more similar to cats than other dogs. Their claws are similar to that of a cat, which they use to climb trees. Foxes like cats hunt in stealth and pounce on the prey, and like cats foxes sometimes play with the prey that they catch before killing it.
. Female foxes are called vixens, male foxes are called dogs and the baby foxes are called cubs or pups, A group of foxes is Known as a skulk or leash.

. Foxes have long whiskers on their face and legs, the whiskers help the foxes to navigate.

. Foxes are nocturnal animals, good, hunting at night as they can see in low lights, their eyes are adapted for the nights. They are also opportunistic feeders and can sometimes be seen looking for food in the day as well.

. Foxes communicate through Vocalizations and using body language, such as moving their tails or ears.

.Characteristics of a fox are similar to a dog, the color of the coat can vary from red, grey, pointed ears and a bushy tail.

.At birth foxes are blind and deaf and are unable to walk, They are taken care of by the mother and sometimes other female foxes as well. The male fox, the father goes on hunts to bring back food for the family. Foxes live in underground holes called dens, they may dig them by themselves or may takeover from other animals that have abandoned them.

Fox coloring pages, print and color and have fun!

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