Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st; on this day many people dress up in costumes and different masks. Some of these costumes are about monsters, vampires, skeletons, witches, and ghosts. In different countries children and adults play a game called Trick-or-treating; children, wearing their particular costumes, go from one house to another asking for treats. They use the phrase “Trick or treat” and many people give them candy, though some accept their tricks. As this is a very famous celebration in diverse countries, several movies and series have been made. Also, it is common to find posters, costumes, cartoons, toys, print clothes, coloring pages, and more.
One of the pictures we can find is the popular Halloween pumpkin, which is hollowed and shows a grimacing face. People put a candle inside it, so it looks full of light. It is possible to find different size pumpkin images, so you can choose and decorate them, using colors, pencils or markers. It depends on the Art tools you decide to use.
Another common picture is the haunted house, which is the main place where paranormal phenomena occur. There are a lot of different monsters and ghosts located in different stations inside this house. People get into the place and many things try to make them feel scared. It is a great image to color because it involves a lot of elements so it could be very entertaining and challenging for people, especially children.
We can also find witches coloring pages. They usually wear big hats, they could be flying or preparing any potion. Sometimes, they appear with a cat near them. This picture can show diverse elements or you can look for an image with a specific character. Maybe, you can find pictures of decorated bags used by children when they travel to other houses. These bags may have the name of the game “Trick or treat.”
When people refer to Halloween, they are talking about diverse elements. This is not only about costumes, witches or monsters, but it includes other things like candy, decoration, clothes, dark colors, lanterns, masks, parties, and so on. Children and adults enjoy decorating their masks, painting or making up their faces. There are many places where people organize Halloween parties; people go and have fun with friends and relatives. Coloring pages might have different masks people can choose, decorate and color according to their taste.

Halloween Coloring Sheets

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