Camels Coloring Pages

A camel is a mammal that is easily recognized by its characteristic. It has humps and long legs.The Dromedary camels and the Bactrian camels make up the two main species of camels in the world. The Dromedary or the Arabian Camel which has one hump and are found mainly in the middle east and the northeastern countries of Africa, and the Bactrian Camel has two humps, they inhabit in the central Asian regions. another species of camels are the wild bacteria camels who are thought to be on the verge of extinction as their numbers are limited, and are found mainly in Mongolia and the in the northwest of China

Dromedary camels are mainly found in warmer regions of the world, whilst the Bactrian camels are found in more colder climates. In the winter Bactrian camel grows long wooly coats to protect them from the freezing conditions and in very hot conditions they shed their wooly coat.

The Bactrian and the dromedary camels are domesticated by humans. Camels are used by humans for carrying loads and used for general transport. they are a good source of food, they provide, milk and meat. A male camel is called a bull the female camel is called a cow and the baby camel is called a calf.

More about Camels

A camel’s hump is where the camel stores fatty tissues, and uses this stored fat as nourishment when food is hard to find.When the camel uses the stored fat, the hump becomes soft and droops, once they eat food and drink the hump swells back up. Camels can drink a lot of water, up to 30 gallons at one time, they can also go without water for long periods of time. Camels are well suited to live in the desert, where the conditions are hot and dry. Their thick coats help them stay cool from the sun. Their feet are well adapted to walk-in the desert conditions ,they have large wide feet and can walk in the hot sand for a long period of time. Camels are herbivores, they eat plant-based food and can eat all types of vegetation, there mouth is adapted to eat some thorney plants, which other animals would avoid eating. Camels don’t eat meat

Camels coloring pages

Print and color these black and white images and have fun!

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