Swans Coloring Pages

Swans are members of the goose and the duck family, pretty and graceful. they swim elegantly through the water, and some fly with their necks stretched out. Watching swans swim by, looks so peaceful.

Interesting facts about swans

The male swan is called a com and a female is known as a pen, whilst the baby swan is called a cygnet. Group of swans is called a flock or a bevy of swans, and they are called a wedge of swans when in flight.

The cygnets are usually grey or brown feathered. the feathers change color to white when they are about two years old and develop a long neck.

The swans long neck helps them to reach food from the river beds. Swans diet could include aquatic plants, algae, types of short grass and also small animal, like insects and small fish, worms. and other small plant and animals.

Swans pair for life, they usually make their nests closer to the water’s edge, the materials used to make the nests include, reeds, dried grasses., sticks. and other plant materials.

Swans eggs can take approximately six weeks to hatch, they lay on average two to eight eggs in a clutch, the hatchlings can swim soon after they hatch.

There are seven different species of swans, one such species, the coscoroba swan of South America is thought, not to be a true swan. the other six species are The Black Swan, found in Australia and New Zealand. The Black-necked Swan is found in South America. The Tundra Swan, Trumpeter Swan, and the Whooper Swans are found in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere.

swans can sleep on water or on land usually standing on one leg. They are said to take naps, here and there, these naps last no more than thirty minutes. This is probably to watch out for predators.

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