Postman Pat Coloring Pages

Postman Pat is about a man named Pot Clifton, who works as a postman in the village of Greendale. The story centers on his adventures when delivering letters in the village; he has a black and white cat and its name is Jess. Pat always travels with his cat. He is a very kind man and he always tries to help other people when they need it. Through the story, we can find different characters, who also appear on some coloring pages.
Mr. Pat Clifton and his cat experience many adventures when delivering letters around Greendale, so we can find several pictures showing them together. For example, in some images, Pat is driving and Jess is sitting in the next seat. Sometimes, they are walking together or flying over the place. Also, some pictures show them using other means of transportation such as a helicopter, train, or bike. You can get some coloring pages about all Pat’s vehicles, including PAT 1, Ted’s Lorry, The Red Tractor, The Greendale Rocket, The Panda Car, and Ajay’s Motorbike. Kids love coloring different pictures of Postman Pat.
We can also appreciate some pictures at Pat’s house, sitting at the table preparing and eating food, or sharing with his family. There are a lot of pictures of Pat trying to help other people solve some problems. Pat and his wife Sara Clifton has a son named Julian Clifton, who is a very friendly boy in his classroom. He is six years old and has reddish-brown hair; he dreams of driving his father’s van. Kids would love coloring some pages about this good boy, so you can choose some pictures of him.
There are other characters through the story you can find in coloring pages. For example, Ted Glen is a handyman, who has a workshop and a watermill next to the workshop. He is excellent at repairing things. Dr. Sylvia Gilbertson is a very wise woman, who encourages her patients to do things correctly. We can also find some people like Meera Bains, who is Julian’s friend, and Meera’s siblings, Nisha and Ajay Bains. Also, we can find different locations, which could be great coloring pages as well. Some of these places are Pat’s house, Greendale Primary School, Greendale Farm, Greendale Station, The Church and Ted’s Mill and Workshop.

Postman Pat Coloring Sheets



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