Elephants Coloring Pages

The largest animal on land is the elephant, There are two main species, with several subspecies that are related to the two main species of elephants. The African and the Asian elephant are the two main species of elephants. The African elephant has larger ears. which are more Stretched out, while the Asian elephant ears are smaller. Female elephants are called cows and the males are called bulls. The elephant baby is called a calf. A newborn elephant calf can weigh around 200 to 260 pounds! The newborn baby is able to stand up soon after being born. Generally, African elephants are larger than Asian elephants.

Tusks and Trunk

Elephants have a long nose which is called a trunk, they use the trunk to breathe and grab objects, vocalization, drinking, feeding, and to communicate. The tusks are used to move objects, dig, and can be used as a weapon for self-defense.
Elephants have a thick skin about an inch thick, but the skin is still sensitive to the sun. an elephant will cover itself with, dust or mud to get relief from the hot sun.

Elephant Herd

Elephants live in families groups called herds, the group mainly consists of related female elephants. The leader of the group is called the Matriarch, she is usually the oldest and most experienced female. The only males in the herd are the calves, the young male calves will stay with the herd until they are about 12 to 15 years old, then they will leave the herd to live a solitary life like most male elephants. Elephants with babies have help from other elephants in the herd. An elephant lives for about seventy years. Elephants are herbivores, they will only eat, grass and fruit, tree bark, bananas, peanuts and other plant-based food– they don’t eat meat.

Free Elephants coloring pages are great for coloring, print and enjoy coloring these black and white images.

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