Tangled Coloring Pages


One of the stories children love is named Tangled and we have many Tangled coloring pages that are varied and are based on the film’s characters, places, objects, and all those things shown through the story. This story is based on the fairy tale Rapunzel. It is about a princess abducted when she was a baby by a woman named Mother Gothel. This Woman raises her as her daughter. They live in a very tall tower and Gothel makes Rapunzel think that people outside want to hurt her. She is told not to leave the tower, so she obeys. But one day when she was alone, a boy named Flynn arrives at the tower. After some time, she convinces him to help her get out and find out what is unknown to her.


Some of the Tangled coloring pages are about their adventures after leaving the tower. For example, there are pictures showing the sky lanterns she is used to observing each year on her birthday. She has always been curious about it and the day she finally could see the lantern show out of the tower.
Another picture kids like coloring are the princess and her long hair. There are several images where Rapunzel is using her magical hair to do different activities and even playing with her unique friend, a chameleon named Pascal. There are other coloring pages where the princess is swinging using her own hair. Kids can also color her pretty dress, even we can find many pictures about it.

Coloring Pages

We can find coloring pages about Flynn or Eugene Fitzherbert, his true name, and the royal army’s horse named Maximus. There are several images of them and the princess Rapunzel. Some other pictures show the princess with her parents after returning home and all the celebrations in the kingdom. To conclude, another favorite picture is when Rapunzel is happily dancing with her love, Eugene.

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