Soccer Coloring Pages


Soccer also known as football is the most popular team sport in the world. Soccer is a sport that is played by both men and women. Many big soccer tournaments take place across the world, but none are as well-known as the FIFA World Cup. This tournament takes place every four years and attracts teams from throughout the world.

Playing The Game

Teams of 11 players compete in kicking or heading the ball around the rectangular field. When a team scores, the ball is sent into the goal of the opponent. Players are normally not permitted to touch the ball with their hands or arms, with the exception of the goalie.

Football Coloring Pages

Numerous countries have football as their national sport! Children like playing this sport with their friends. These images of players, dribbling, scoring, heading, and passing the ball are available for download. Color them in with the colors of your favorite soccer team and have fun!

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