Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages

When looking for coloring pages, we may find a great variety of them depending on what we need. Sometimes, parents are looking for boys, girls, or even adults’ pictures so they can check different websites and then choose the ones they are interested in. It could be a great idea to give children images of their favorite films or cartoons. There are many famous animated movies, which usually have plenty of fantastic characters. One of these films is Sleeping Beauty, produced by Walt Disney. Through this story, we can find various elements and characters children would love drawing and coloring.
There are many pictures about this story children can color. For example, we can begin by describing one family photo, including the king, the queen, and their baby girl named Aurora. We can find several coloring sheets at the beginning of this story showing the princess and her parents. Here, we can include photos of their beautiful palace and all its decoration.
Aurora has three Good Fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. They bless the little baby with beauty and song, but the third gift was interrupted when the evil fairy entered and cursed Aurora. They can be great coloring images because each one has a particular appearance and their dresses have different colors. For instance, Flora wears a red dress and likes pink flowers and nature, Fauna is dressed in green and Merryweather in blue. Also, the evil fairy appears in different pictures and she has particular characteristics as well, so she can be another example of coloring pages.
Aurora appears in some pictures with her three Good Fairies, so you can choose an image like this. Also, there are some pictures describing the moment when Aurora meets the Prince. She is looking for some berries and is singing. The prince is riding a beautiful horse; he follows her sweet voice until he arrives where she is. This is a pretty scene to be considered in coloring sheets.
In other pictures, we can see the princess sleeping due to the curse she received when she was a child. The prince was taken by the evil fairy, but the good fairies rescued him and he could return to kiss Aurora and break the curse. This is another great coloring image. To conclude, we cannot forget the last scene where the prince and the princess are happily dancing.

Sleeping Beauty Coloring Sheets

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