Nemo Coloring Pages

Many animated films have been made and different ages of people enjoy watching them and sharing them with family and friends. These animated characters frequently make us live great adventures while watching such movies. Children, for example, can watch the same cartoons and films once and again; they do not get bored and these characters become their favorite ones, so they collect images, posters, stickers, and ask for toys, games, and many other items related to their favorite stories.
Many of them enjoy drawing and coloring. Currently, we can find a lot of coloring pages about many objects, cartoons, films, games, sports, holidays, and so on. One of the children’s favorite film is Finding Nemo, which was a big success produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Nemo lives with his father Marlin, who is very overprotective. Through the story Marlin and Dori are searching for the missing Nemo. They have to travel and take several risks until finally, they find him.
Many kids like this movie, plenty of coloring pictures have been created, so parents can get some from the web so that their sons and daughters can use all their creativity to color and make these images look awesome. Nemo’s story is very interesting and full of adventures, so we can find different pictures to color such as Nemo’s father, friends, the ocean and many sea creatures and plants.
One of the pictures could be Nemo’s father swimming with Doris, who is a particular creature with short term memory problems.. Doris is a funny character and many fans love her because she is also very nice. Another great image is the ocean itself, which is shown in a wonderful way, including different sea animals, friendly and dangerous as well. Through the story, we can observe many types of fish, which can be excellent images for drawing or coloring.
Nemo was placed in one aquarium in Australia. He met several animals there, including a shrimp, starfish, and other fish. He tries to escape, and he finally did escape, he played dead to save his life because a cruel girl named Darla was trying to kill him. All these characters can also be good examples of coloring pages. Also, we might include the following creatures to these coloring sheets: Mr. Ray, Nemo’s teacher, the blue whale that helped Marlin and Doris get to Sydney Harbor, and even Nemo’s house, the reef.

Finding Nemo Coloring Sheets

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