Chickens Coloring Pages

Having pets around is said to liven up every abode. Animals have been welcomed as a part of the household, and are nurtured accordingly. The typical pets that you would see around are dogs and cats; being domestic animals.

People are used to having animals around; they take them in as companions for purposes of having protection and for having a stress-reliever at home that the whole family can play and bond with. However, in rural areas, raising chickens in addition to caring for them; is widely practiced. Chicken raising is hard work but is an engaging activity for the whole family.

We all know that chickens lay eggs and out of these eggs when incubated comes the little cute and fluffy chicks, as they get older the feathers become hard and chickens develop wings, but they are unable to fly.

Chicken are social animals and loves to roam around and interact with other chickens. They require a clean and spacious land where they can work out and run freely.

Chickens cluck a lot probably they talk to each other, if only we knew what they talk about, but one thing for sure we love the eggs it’s a choice between fried, boiled or poached!

Print and color these chicken coloring pages and have fun.

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