Middle Ages Coloring Pages

The Middle Ages are often Known the Dark Ages, not much about this time era is known by historians compared with other historical time eras,
Many important records from the Middle Ages have not survived and has been lost over time to history.That is one of the reasons why the Middle Ages are also known as the Dark Ages

Some Myths About the Middle Ages

Unfortunately, sоmеtіmеs thе mіddlе аgеs gеt а bаd wrар. Some modern men and women call them the dark ages and believe that the people were ignorant and the cultures unsophisticated and cruel. The truth is that later generations created many myths to romanticize the period or make it look bad. With little historical accuracy, you can have a better understanding of what medieval times were really like.

Vikings had helmets

This myth about the middle ages took hold when nineteenth century painters created romanticized portraits and war scenes depicting the Vikings as they imagined them. Horned helmets could have been dramatic and frightening, but not useful in a real battle, which Viking was proficient at.

Education wasn’t valued

Although it is true that many families had to work for a living and not everyone was able to go to college, higher learning was important to the people of the middle ages. A lot of individuals could not read because books had to be handwritten. However, monks tutored students and the first universities in Europe were established.

They believed tomatoes were poisonous

One myth says that individuals in the middle ages were scared to eat tomatoes because they are a member of the nightshade family and were regarded as poisonous. In fact, the tomato is native to South America and was not brought to Europe until after medieval times.

They didn’t travel

Some hold the belief that people in medieval times did not travel beyond the confines of their communities. Although it is true that they wouldn’t be able to travel as much as we can in modern times, with planes, trains, and automobiles, they did travel. It was popular to travel across the nation and go on pilgrimages to other nations.

More Myths About the Middle Ages

The people were starving

Times of famine and war can’t be denied, but the majority of the common people in medieval times ate well. They lived an agrarian life, which means they kept gardens and raised the game for meat. Many people had several filling meals a day and regularly drank beer. Meats, both fresh and cured, grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts would have been normal. Spices were, but only for the wealthy, so while their diets could have been much healthier than the average modern person’s, we might have found it somewhat bland.

А rоund еаrth

Моst sсhоlаrs іn thе mіddlе аgеs knеw thаt thе еаrth wаs rоund. Маnу tехts frоm thе реrіоd suрроrt thіs. Scholars of the day had sophisticated tools for watching the stars and measuring the heavens. They might not have been able to prove it with pictures from a distance, but it was understood that the world was not flat.

Jousting was just a party sport

It’s a fact that by the end of the middle ages, jousting was an established part of days-long festivals thrown by wealthy families to bring the community together. However, it was dangerous and was sometimes used to settle differences. It also originated from the early middle ages as a war coaching strategy.

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