Cricket Coloring Pages

Cricket fans will enjoy our cricket coloring pages for children both young and older. This page is very suitable for children if they like games of cricket. you can print some of the pages below and start coloring. Can you remember what color your favorite cricket club is wearing?
Try to remember exactly what your favorite club jerseys look like. Grab one of these pictures, print them and start having fun. Try coloring their jerseys, just the way they look in reality. Then look online for how the jerseys look and how close you were.
Paint your favorite club logo and place in your room as a poster. 


Try to bring life to the characters in the picture with colors. The bat is made of wood, so keep in mind and paint the bat in the color of wood. Ball is mostly white, but you can experiment and color the ball in different colors.  If you are going to paint this for your school project then make sure the colors are realistic and everything fits. The grass is green, the ball is white etc.

If you are a parent and you have been trying to get your child to play cricket, but they are too scared to face the ball? Then you can check these coloring pages a simpler and less scary way to get them interested in the sport. Try these cricket coloring pages,
print pictures and give to your kids, they will enjoy coloring these images and perhaps the desire for cricket is aroused in them. On this site you can find a lot of coloring pages for you kids ready for priniting.

To download  Cricket coloring pages, click images above, then print the full-size file. Children can also share Cricket coloring pages with their friends.

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