Cows Coloring Pages

Cows are intelligent and social animals they like to interact and live with herds, they are herbivores, and only eats grass, hay and plant materials, cows don’t eat meat.
There are several types of cows, the male is called a bull whilst a female that hasn’t given birth is called a heifer, the baby is called a calf. Cows will only produce milk once they have given birth

Cattle are mainly raised for meat, milk and other dairy products such as cheese, butter, yogurt etc. Many parts of the world people still use cattle that pull carts, ploughs the land for farming, Cattle dung is used for fuel, manure and sometimes used to plaster walls mixed with mud.

Appreciation of Cows

In some communities, cows are very much appreciated and people hold a Cow appreciation day.In India, the Hindus have great respect for cows.
The Hindus believe that the cows are sacred animals and they are well taken care of and also they let them roam freely even let them roam on the streets. Hindus are mainly vegetarians and do not eat beef. At certain times of the year. Cows are groomed, washed and decorated and honored on the day of Gopastami. Gopastami is a festival dedicated to cows and Lord Krishna. Devotees show respect to the cows. Cows give milk like a mother which helps to fulfill the required nutrition for the people.

Cows have almost, 300-degree vision, with blind spots right in front and behind the cow. allowing them to see predators coming from any direction.
they drink about 40 gallons water a day,this water helps the cows make milk.they can eat over 100 lbs of food per day, and can chew about 50 times per minute
cows have one stomach and the stomachs divided into four separate compartments for digestion.cows can be pregnant for nine months like humans.cows can produce 125 lbs a day. An average cow can spend 8 hrs. eating, 8 hours. chewing their cud and 8 hours. sleeping.

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When cows graze, they don’t t bite the grass, instead, the cows are curling their tongues around it.When cows chew the cud the cows actually regurgitate the food that was digested partially in the stomach. They have four digestive compartments in the one stomach. Cows are actually unable to vomit or throw up.

You can get a cow to go up the stairs but due to their knee structure, they are unable to walk down the stairs.Cows have excellent ability to smell and hear, much better than humans.

Cows are great domesticated animals friendly, intelligent and they provide us with a lot of essentials, like food, leather, manure that can be used for fuel and fertilizer.

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