Basketball Coloring Pages

Basketball is a game where two teams play against each side, five players from each team compete on a rectangular court, generally played indoors. Each side tries to score by hurling the ball into the other team’s basket.
Basketball is an entertaining and fast-paced sport.
The objective is to outscore the opposing team in points.
They score by tossing or shooting a ball through a basket, which is an elevated goal.

Playing Basketball

Around the center circle, players from both teams form a line-up.
The match starts with a jump ball between a player from each side in the middle of the court.
The game begins when a player makes contact with the ball.
On offense, the team in control of the ball attempts to score against their opponent’s defense by driving the ball toward the hoop.
Each time a player puts the ball in the basket, his team receives points. The game is won by whichever team scores the most points.

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You may print and download all of these free Basketball coloring pages from this website. Save the coloring picture to your computer by clicking on it.


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