Owls Coloring Pages

There are many species of owls throughout the world, the one thing people around the world associate with these birds is wisdom.
Maybe owls are clever and wise, but they are certainly intriguing and most fascinating of birds.

Owls Fun facts

Most owls are nocturnal, they mainly hunt in the night and have good night vision.Owls are carnivores, their meat-eating diet includes a variety of animals such as rats, mice, rabbits amongst other smaller mammals. Some smaller owls will also eat insects, snails, and frogs, they also eat other smaller birds and sometimes feast on other species of owls. some species will hunt and eat fish.

Owls will eat its prey whole or in chunks, then they regurgitate the parts like bones, feathers, hair and other parts that can’t be digested, into pellets. which they regurgitate later.

They have strong talons or claws, that helps the owls catch their prey.

Owls generally have large tubular eyes, instead of eyeballs, a flat face, with a small hooked beak, and have ears by the sides of the head, just behind the eyes, they have excellent hearing.

Owls have to turn their head to see around them as they are unable to move their eyes, they can rotate their heads up to 270 degrees. their vision is good to see objects far but they can’t see closer objects clearly. they are farsighted.

Owls mainly have broad wings and specially adapted feathers, that help the birds fly very silently. Owls can fly very quietly even inches away from their prey. The colors on the feathers can help the birds to blend in the surroundings, which can protect them from predators and help them hide from their prey.

The normal sound associated with the owl is the hooting, but they do make other sounds like a hissing noise to screeching, squeaks and whistling sounds.

Owls are mainly solitary birds, they live alone until they find a mate, although they don’t live in groups, a group of owls is called a parliament.

Owls coloring pages, print, and color these images and have fun!

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