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Wolves Coloring Pages

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Wolves coloring pages. wolves

The most common species of wolves are the gray wolf and is the one species of wolves that people are most familiar with. The gray wolves color can range from the most common color with grey and flecked with black to wolves that are brown, red, black and pure white.
Wolves are predatory animals and hunt in packs a wolf pack can contain from three to twenty animals and are very good hunters. They hunt together and can bring down animals much larger then themselves, which they may not be able to if they hunted alone.
Wolves are carnivores and mainly eat meat, they can hunt for varied animals, such as elk, deer, sheep, moose, amongst other animals, they also hunt for smaller animals like mice, squirrels , and weasels amongst other small animals. Wolves can swim and can run up to 40 mph when chasing in a hunt.


In the social structure of wolves, the Alpha pair of wolves are the leaders in the pack the Alpha male and the female are dominant over the whole pack. The alpha pair is the only wolves in the pack that breed and give birth to puppies, and are the first ones to eat after a hunt.Wolves give birth to about four to six puppies in the spring, they give birth in their underground dens or hole. The pups are very small at birth around a pound in weight and are fed by the adult who carries food in their stomachs and regurgitates the food to the pups.
At birth, the pups are blind and deaf. It will take about eight months before the pups are old enough to join the pack for hunts.


A female wolf is called a bitch and the male is called a dog, the babies are called puppies. A Pack of Wolves howling together could be to communicate or to send territorial or a confrontational message to another pack.  A lost or a single wolf howls to seek attention from the rest of the pack
wolves could start howling because another wolf has already started to howl.

Wolves have inspired people to write or include wolves in folklore and fictional stories like, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.The Goat and Her Three Kids.Little Red Riding Hood.Three Little Pigs.The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids.Peter and the Wolf, amongst others.

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