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Crocodiles are reptiles belonging to the crocodilians family, which also includes, the Indian Gharial, Alligators, and the caimans. Crocodiles are semi-aquatic creatures (they will spend a great deal of time in the water, but additionally require visit on land for basking), depending on species, crocodiles can be found in rivers, estuaries, coastal areas as well as in the open sea. They swim, frequently on the surface with eyes in addition to nostrils along the water line and move their own body using the strong tail.

The Crocodiles are carnivores, and among them, are large hunters, the saltwater crocodile is certainly the biggest reptile in existence, like the Nile crocodile because it may well attain seven meters long and weigh more than 1 tonne (1000 kg). As young, they feed on smaller animals (fish, insects, frogs), but as they get larger, they begin hunting animals ever larger, until the size of a big antelope.

Exactly like the other reptiles, crocodiles are cold-blooded, or whose body temperature changes with the temperature of the environment and, as a result, need to sunbathe, to increase the temperature of their body. If it is overheating, they would prefer water or shade when available.

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Crocodiles are oviparous (they reproduce using eggs that are deposited beyond the female’s uterus) and are the only reptiles that reveal true parental care. Most crocodiles construct nests, by using heaps of dirt or plant materials, and some crocodiles dig burrows on the sandbanks of rivers in addition to beaches. The crocodiles remain close to the nests and burrows to guard the eggs against any predators.

Before the eggs hatch, the young will emit vocalizations (seems), to which the female responds simply by scooping the top of the nest, to help them out the eggs after which it will occasionally hold the young in her mouth and take them into the water, protecting them afterwards in certain instances during weeks or months. Upon birth, the juvenile will measure just approximately 20 centimeters.

Crocodiles are breathtaking creatures that play a vital role in their Eco-systems. Therefore they need to be protected and stored. We must discover how to reside in the crocodile world as they’ve lived in this world for the previous two hundred million years, and that is much longer than humanity.

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