Sheep Coloring Pages

   The sheep is a domesticated animal that is kept as livestock, like cows and chickens, and other farm animals. They are believed to be one of the first farmed animals and have been around for thousands of years. sheep are raised mainly for wool, milk, and meat. Female sheep are called Ewes, and the male sheep is called Ram, their baby sheep, the newborns are called lambs, the lambs are usually born in the spring, and are independent at birth. The young animal and the mother form strong bonds, they are able to recognize each other by their sound,(bleat/vocalization)


There are sheep with horns and there are sheep that are wild, some live in the mountains to protect themselves from predators. Sheep are herbivores and all breeds of sheep eat grass. Sheep are tough animals in that they can survive harsh climates both hot, dry and cold environments.
Groups of sheep are called flocks, they mainly move around in their flocks, A shepherd will keep a watch, sometimes with the help of a dog.

Sheep are cute animals, there are stories and nursery rhymes involving sheep, also it is believed that counting sheep is a good way of falling asleep, whether it’s true or not you can find out by counting imaginary sheep just before you fall asleep.

Sheep coloring pages, download and print, and have fun!

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