Mr. Men Coloring Pages

When looking for coloring pages, you could find a lot of printable Mr. Men pictures. This is a series of children’s books written by an English author named Roger Hargreaves. After his death, his son Adam continued the story and illustrated the characters with particular names such as Mr. Cool, Mr. Good, Little Miss Scary, Mr. Rude, Little Miss Whoops, and Little Miss Bad. Through the years, more characters were added and all of them showed some particular moral lessons; these books became very popular in many countries and some TV series have been adapted from these books, including Mr. Men, with 28 episodes; Little Miss, with 13 episodes; Mr. Men and Little Miss and The Mr. Men Show in 2008.
Many kids love these characters and feel glad to draw and color different images about them. One example could be Mr. Adventure, who is yellow with a bean shape and a yellow nose. His shoes are red; he has a blue cap and a green backpack. We also have Mr. Marvellous; he is blue with green hair and orange shoes; his shape is an oval and he can run very fast or become invisible. This is one of the kid’s favorite characters.
Mr. Happy looks like a yellow circle and has a wide smile. He is from Happyland; he has many friends and his occupation is Host of Good Morning Dillydale. Children love him because he has a nice and cheerful personality. Another similar character is Mr. Funny, who has an entertaining and playful personality. He is round; his color is lime green and he works as a clown.
Some children love Mr. Bounce, so it could be a great coloring page. He is yellow, round with a pink hat and bounces like a rubber ball. Mr. Brave is another remarkable character; people think that he is the most courageous person, but he is afraid of heights. He looks like a yellow oval, he wears round glasses and a red and blue baseball cap. Another funny figure is Mr. Rush because he is always very anxious and in a hurry; he rarely finishes his activities. He looks like a purple triangle. Mr. Tickle is orange with long arms and wears a blue hat. He likes tickling other people.

Mr. Men Coloring Sheets

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