Polly Pocket Coloring Pages

There are a lot of Polly pocket coloring pages that children can color at home or at school. Polly Pocket is a toy line of dolls sold by Mattel. They also come with different accessories. Chris Wiggs designed the first Polly pocket version and Bluebird Toys licensed the project, but Mattel purchased them in 1998. Mattel redesigned the dolls making them larger and changing some physical appearance aspects. This toy line became very popular, so it is very common to find diverse pictures with a different haircut, accessories and doing different activities as well.

Why choose Polly pocket coloring pages?

Polly pocket has been very famous and many children love them and their accessories. There are Polly pocket video games, like Electronic Polly pocket and Polly pocket: super Splash Island. Also, there are some movies based on this toy line, like for example Polly Pocket: Lunar Eclipse (2003) and Polly World (2006). A web-animated series was also released in 2010. There is also a cartoon, which was made in 2018 and its main character is a young girl, named Polly; she has a locket that makes her shrink.
As we can notice, Polly pocket has had a long path. All this has made this toy line very popular and many children love them and all the accessories. There are dolls, video games, movies and series based on them. Also, we can find a lot of coloring pictures, which can be used for fun and for educational purposes.
Children can spend a lot of time coloring their favorite toys and cartoon characters. They may use all their imagination to be part of the story, so they can explore their characters’ magical world and have an amazing adventure. This is an entertaining adventure, but it also can help them develop and improve several skills, like their creativity.
Coloring pages can encourage them to express themselves. For example, it is common to see kids returning home with a picture they finished at school, so it is great to congratulate them and talk about their activity. Sometimes, they color figures like flowers, trees, toys, family, etc. and they feel very proud, so imagine when they color their favorite cartoon characters; they might feel very excited. As Polly pocket dolls are very popular and loved by many little girls, it could be a good idea to download and print diverse coloring pages about these dolls.


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