Invizimals Coloring Pages

Have you heard about Invizimals? That`s really a popular video game, also there are Invizimals-inspired toys, trading cards, comics, and an animated television series. If you love Invizimals and if you love coloring and painting this page is exactly for you.
Here you can find a lot of printable coloring pages with your favorite characters from the game.

Coloring Characters

How well do you know the characters in this game, you may remember all the colors of the characters.
Why not think of making some changes to your favorite characters and  awaken your creativity. Try to change the colors and start having fun. Why Chupacabra must be green, you can make it purple or any other color that you like. Can you imagine that? That would be really funny.
Dark Metalmutt may have black teeth, he is one of the most dangerous monsters, but play with the colors and make Metalmutt a softy.
With our coloring pages, the party is guaranteed. Invite friends and have fun coloring Invizimal coloring pictures!

More Coloring Pages

We have other downloadable coloring pages other than Invizimals coloring pages, organized in categories such as species of birds, dinosaurs, cat breeds, dog breeds, animal, generic holiday and seasonal images, insects, medieval, mythical, related to music, the life of the ocean, people and their jobs and the wonders of the world.