Monkeys Coloring Pages

Monkeys can come in different shapes and sizes they are very interesting animals some can look funny whilst others can look pretty,
overall there are more than 260 known types of monkeys.
Monkeys can be found living in jungles and mountains and some monkey species can be found living in grasslands
whilst others have adapted to live amongst humans in the cities.

Coloring Monkey Images

Monkeys not only come in different sizes but they also can be found with different colors and markings
Some monkeys have pink or blue markings! For example The Uakari Monkey has a bright red, face and bald head, try to color monkey`s face with red color. Explore and learn. By coloring these pictures, you can learn a lot about these wonderful animals. Try to remember as many species of monkeys and how they look, what their hair color, lips, face, and what is specific to each of these monkeys
Try to make these monkey images funnier with different colors
So this gives you great coloring options. You can paint your background in green to represent the forest and trees,
You can also paint in brown which will represent savannas or dirt, you can’t go wrong.

Monkeys are very social creatures,
they live in groups so you can find a picture which contains many monkeys and paint each one a different color. There are many types of monkeys in the world,
Find an image that you like and print, you can try making different colored monkeys from one image.

Monkeys Coloring Sheets

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