Dinosaur Coloring Pages


Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth. These prehistoric creatures were the dominant animals on the planet. They included some of the world’s biggest and most terrifying beasts. Some were fierce hunters, while others were peaceful plant-eaters. Dinosaurs were the ancient cousins of today’s crocodiles, lizards, and snakes, according to scientists studying dinosaur fossils. They also believe that dinosaurs are the source of modern birds.

Dino Disappearance

Adults and children alike have always been fascinated by these creatures because of their disappearance. The exact date of their extinction is uncertain and up to controversy. This sense of astonishment has led to its endearing popularity in works of fiction like movies and animation.

Coloring Pages

Some children play with their dinosaur toys for hours. They like filling up dinosaur coloring pages with vibrant colors as well. Dinosaurs came in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and appearances. Filling their black and white drawings with vibrant colors is a fascinating experience. There are several printable dinosaur coloring sheets available to download on this website.