Lions Coloring Pages

Lions are large, beautiful, amazing, and powerful animals. They are known as the king of the jungle. Children love these amazing creatures. They are simply majestic in their appearance. Through cartoons you get to know what lions look like, why not try to draw and paint one or choose a black and white image from this page and start coloring or drawing your own lion.

Lions usually live in groups and are social animals, they can have 10 or 15 animals in a group called pride. A female lion normally gives birth to 2 to 6 babies at a time and the baby lion is called a cub, Find an image with a lot of lions and try to colorize them, but do not forget that no two lions are the same, so each one must be unique and specific.

Coloring lions

Lions are jungle kings, so paint them so they look exactly like kings. You can try to draw them a crown and make them real kings.

The background could be yellowish, as some lions can be found in the African savannah but even if you put green you will not go wrong as some lions can be found living in grasslands. Remember that these are dangerous animals, they have big teeth so you can color their teeth white and their skin is between gray and yellow, play with the colors and try to guess the right color of the lion.
The lion is a very  impressive animal, so you will surely enjoy these coloring pages.

Lions Coloring Sheets

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