Thomas the Tank Engine Coloring Pages

Thomas the Tank Engine is another character children love. We can see a lot of items related to this story, including toys, stickers, clothes, backpacks, pencil cases, coloring books, and so on. There are many coloring pictures parents could select and print for their kids so that they can have fun while working on them. Thomas is a steam locomotive that first appears in The Railway Series books written by Wilbert Awdry and his son Christopher. He is the main character in the series and even in the television spin-off series called Thomas & Friends.
In coloring pages, we can take some images about some particular and relevant engines that appear throughout the story. These characters have different colors and appearances; they have different faces and show a particular personality. Maybe, Thomas is your kid’s favorite character, so you can look for pictures of him. Thomas is often proud to ride the rails of Sodor Island and he also has big dreams. His color is blue with red lines and he also has the number one.
Another interesting character to color is Edward, he is number two and he is also blue with red lines. He is not as young as Thomas, he is the oldest and wisest engine. The number three is named Henry and he is green with red lines, he has an unpredictable behavior, sometimes he is sensitive, depressed or pompous, but his temper and attitude change through the story.
Gordon, number four, could be another great picture for coloring. This particular character considers himself a superior engine because he is strong and large, though he changes his idea later, he understands that every engine has its specific role or function. He is also blue with red stripes. James is another important character in the story, he is number five and he is red with gold lines. This is a big engine, which can pull trucks.
There are more characters about Thomas the Tank Engine story, so you can find many coloring pages for kids. For instance, we have Percy, the number 6 that is green and the youngest engine. Also, Toby that is old, wise and very careful; Toby’s color is brown. There are other engines like Oliver, Daisy, Donald and Douglas, and many others. All these characters are very popular and as they have different shapes, they are great for drawing and coloring.