Bird Coloring Pages

Published on: Nov 19, 2013


Birds are the only animals with feathers and are warm-blooded vertebrates (with backbones). Most birds can fly by flapping their wings with muscular muscles. However, a few bird species do not have powerful enough wings to fly, hence they are flightless. Birds have toothless beaks, lay eggs, have a fast metabolism, a powerful heart, and a robust yet lightweight skeleton.
Some people keep birds as pets and love seeing them in the wild or at zoos. In addition, farmers raise fowl for meat and eggs. Hunters like shooting birds as a sport. Bird feathers are also used in a variety of items and for adornment.

Bird Diet

Birds eat berries, seeds, fruit, insects, fish, buds, tiny animals, larvae, aquatic invertebrates, nuts, aquatic vegetation, and grain, among other things. During the summer, insects and spiders are the primary food sources for most songbirds.
Clean, freshwater water is required for drinking and bathing by birds. Water is consumed by the majority of birds on a daily basis. They also appear to like bathing to keep parasites at bay and their plumage clean.

Coloring Pages

Birds, like humans, sleep at night and are diurnal (active during the day and sleeping at night).
Birds will sleep in unoccupied birdhouses, trees, tree cavities, chimneys, dense foliage, and other niches where they will be safe from predators and harsh weather.
Bird coloring pages are a fun way to learn about birds. Simply download, print, and begin coloring these bird illustrations.