Snake Coloring Pages


Snakes have no legs and a long, slender body. Some lizards lack legs and resemble snakes, most lizards have eyelids, which snakes lack. Rattlesnakes, cobras, vipers, boas, pythons, and the black mamba are well-known. Except for the poles, snakes may be found all around the earth. The tropics provide the most diversity. While most snakes dwell on the ground and some in underground tunnels, others, prefer to live in trees. Sea snakes live in water.

More about Snakes

Snakes are carnivores, meaning they eat only meat. The vast majority of snakes consume their prey whole. When the prey is consumed, it may be living or dead. The tongues of snakes are used to smell. Snakes have flexible jaws that allow them to eat food that is larger than their heads. To kill their prey, certain snakes use venom. Snakes shed their skin many times a year.

Snakes Coloring Sheets

Snakes can be found in a range of colors and sizes, and many have distinctive body markings. Youngsters may use the snakes’ various physical appearances to experiment with colors.
Here you will find a collection of free snake coloring sheets for you to print and color.

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