Mickey Mouse coloring pages

Published on: Mar 4, 2020

Mickey Mouse is one of the best-loved cartoons of all time.
I’m sure you all know what Mickey Mouse really looks like, but can you paint these coloring pictures and make him look vibrant, colorful, and funny? Do you know how old Mickey Mouse really is? He is over 90 years old. Yes, it beautifies the childhoods of children with their adventures for so long.
Does Mickey Mouse have Yellow or Red Shoes? Do not look on the Internet, try to remember and color your drawing by memory, this will develop your memory and train your brain.
Let me help you out a little, the colors you will need are black, white, red and yellow. But you have to remember for yourself. It is not that difficult when you start coloring you will start to remember which color goes where. Doing so will improve your memory. Maybe one day you become a famous scientist thanks to Mickey Mouse.

Mickey and Friends

Mickey has his friends, his girl friend’s name is Minnie and his dog’s name is Pluto, don’t forget to paint them too.
Mickey has gone through many challenging adventures so he will surely go through your coloring as well, try to be neat and do not overdo the lines when coloring, Mickey will be grateful. You can use the drawing you make to commemorate your friends with your skills because it’s certainly not easy to paint Micky Mouse, but I know you can. Remember to have fun while coloring these drawings.

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