American Indians Coloring Pages

The native Americans or indigenous Americans are also known as American Indians. The term Indians came about when Christopher Columbus who was searching for India but ended up in America and thought he was in the East Indies.

Indigenous natives of the Americas traditionally hunted for food, many native American Indians practiced fishing and farming and were dependant on agriculture. The indigenous Indians of the Americas also created large structures, they had civilizations like the Mayan, Inca and the Aztec empire.

In the central and south Americas, there is still a large population of indigenous Indians, They speak several different languages, some features of their culture and tradition is still in practice today

European settlers

When the European settlers colonized the Americas, they each had areas where the influence of each European colonies was introduced to the indigenous people as a result, the Indians, as well as speaking indigenous languages, in most part of the Americas, they have adopted the European languages like Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. The Europeans also had missionaries who taught people about Christianity.

Many Different tribes of indigenous Indian cultures occupied North America, the modern-day USA, and Canada, here are some examples of famous Indian Americans.

Squanto, Pocahontas, Sequoyah, Black Hawk, Sacajawea, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Jim Thorpe.

Here is a list of some North American Indian tribes.

Navajo, Cherokee, Sioux, Chippewa, Choctaw, Apache, Pueblo, Iroquois, Creek, Blackfeet.

American Indian coloring pages, print and color and have fun!

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