Bears Coloring Pages

Do you like bears,? those fluffy cute animals, Bears look so cuddly, That’s probably why people have been making toys in the form of little teddy bears. What is most interesting about these animals is that they come in many colors in nature. You have heard of polar bears that are completely white, as the real opposite are black bears, then brown bears, etc.
Humans have always been fascinated by these huge, powerful animals, but some bears can also be small and really cute so they are a favorite among children. A lot of bears are herbivores by nature, so when you paint these bears, you paint your background green. Of course, if you paint a polar bear then paint the background white because polar bears live in icy areas.

Whatever bear you choose to color, remember that bears have a black muzzle so the muzzle must always be black. Bears have an excellent sense of smell so their nose is extremely important and do not forget it when coloring. 

Like children, bear cubs are extremely playful, when drawing or coloring a little teddy bear, try to show it in the drawings as well. Bears are very fond of water. Paint the background of the little teddy bear in blue so that it looks like the teddy bear is bathing in water.
On this page you can also find pictures of koalas, these wonderful little creatures. Try coloring koalas too, but consider all their differences with the bears.
Overall, whichever image you choose and whatever bear you choose, be creative and have fun coloring.

Bears coloring pages

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