Shrek Coloring Pages

Shrek and Fiona, these popular cartoon characters are ideal for coloring. Do you like this cartoon? Do you love all the adventures this duo goes through? If yes, then you will have great fun with these coloring pictures.
Shrek who is known for having a huge and ugly body but a good soul is the main character of this cartoon. You know what’s specific to Shrek? His body is green. Yes, green, and it will be a real challenge for you to paint this character’s body green.
Fiona is his wife, she is the eldest daughter of Queen Meriam and King Harold, of Far Far Away. Fiona was inflicted with a curse that made her an ogre at night and by day she would be a human again.

Coloring The Characters

You can color Fiona with pretty colors when she is a human princess, and when she changes into an ogre with a large green body, that is similar to Shrek’s, you can use the same crayon to paint Shrek and Fiona’s body.
The donkey is the most interesting character in this cartoon. He is funny, snooty and always in trouble. Personally, it’s my favorite character and I’m sure it will be fun to paint one such character. It will be especially fun to paint his always bewildered and funny face, make sure you really paint his face as well, make him look silly.
Keep in mind that the creators of this cartoon wanted to make funny characters and show the opposites of the ugly and the pretty, so when you color these pictures, you should take care of that.
On this page you can find a lot of pictures and situations in Shrek’s places, so the fun is guaranteed.
After coloring these images, I’m sure Shrek will be your favorite character and you’ll want to take another look at this phenomenal animated movie, Shrek.

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