Fairies Coloring Pages


Fairies have two magnificent wings on their backs that shimmer as they fly, and they are usually pictured as adorable humanoids with wings. Fairies are really stunning in appearance, having long hair and delicate features.
Children, consider them to be mystical winged creatures. Fairies are well-known mythological beings that frequently feature in children’s stories and whose names inspired the phrase “fairy tales.”
Fairies are kind, compassionate, and pleasant beings that are supposed to be bashful.
Fairies differ in appearance and personality. Some fairies are chatty, some are reserved, while some like playing and reading. These adorable creatures have magical abilities and may grant wishes. They reside in a fairyland surrounded by flowers.

Fairy Godmothers

Some of the most popular fairy figures from bedtime stories are the fairy godmothers from, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella as well as Tinkerbell. Children adore fairy stories because they can go on a journey to an undiscovered magical realm with them.
Coloring pages from coloringkids.org will transport you to the beautiful realm of fairies. Enjoy coloring by downloading and printing the images you prefer


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