Shark Coloring Pages


Sharks are well-known aquatic predators found throughout the world’s seas. They are renowned for their speed and razor-sharp teeth. Sharks are fast swimmers, their skeleton is cartilage-based (a flexible tissue that develops before bone formation) rather than bone. Sharks are among the world’s oldest creatures, there are believed to be over 300 different types of sharks today. The majority of sharks reside in mild to warm seas. The Greenland shark is a shark species that live in the frigid Arctic waters. Sand sharks spend much of their time at the base of shallow seas. Some sharks may be found in the deepest parts of the ocean.


Sharks have powerful jaws. Their top and lower jaws move separately, allowing them to firmly grip their prey.
They also have acute senses that help them find prey. Sharks have extremely keen senses of smell. Sharks can hear and see well.

Shark Coloring Sheets

There are several varieties of sharks represented in this collection of free shark coloring pages, including the hammerhead, bull, white, and tiger sharks. It’s a fantastic method to get kids interested in these animals.

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