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Santa Coloring Pages

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Santa Coloring PagesChristmas time or not Santa is a great hit with kids. The popularity of our Santa Coloring Pages is a testimony to that.

Welcome to the ultimate printable Santa coloring pages website on Santa Claus. We have got a comprehensive selection of Santa Coloring pages for you and your kids. You will find Santa in different moods in different coloring sheets. And tell you what; the kids will devour the content available on this section of the website.

About Santa Coloring Pages

Santa loves children and wants them to be nice and good. That is exactly why he works all the year to accumulate gifts for children, to be distributed in the previous night of Christmas. All the kids who behave well are sure to receive some good surprise from Santa during Christmas, so that's an added incentive for your children to be well behaved. Do let them know of this.

A Lil' More About Santa! As legend would have it, Santa Claus lives in the North Pole. He has his own little gift workshop over there where he enjoys working on gifts to be distributed to children worldwide during Christmas. So next time your kid asks where his Christmas gifts came from, you know the answer don't you?

Santa Coloring Pages

On the night before the Christmas day Santa with his wide beard, red coat and pompom cap packs all the gifts in one huge bag and sets it on the sledge. The sledge is well equipped to carry him through the homes with kids anxiously waiting for their Christmas gifts from Santa. Eight reindeers pull the sledge on the snow with the Santa embarking on his most important journey. When Santa reaches a house he climbs down the chimney and keeps the allocated gifts in the house for the little ones.

Our Santa coloring pages will give you glimpses of this story. Each page will have a story to tell and am sure the young kids will have a great time coloring the Santa coloring pages and creating their own stories.

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