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Shark Coloring Pages

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Shark Coloring Pages

Shark coloring pages can be a great way to pass time in an entertaining way. Be it at home on a rainy day, or on a long drive to the aunt's place or may be while sitting at the restaurant waiting for the food to be served you can make use of the shark coloring pages to keep your little ones busy.

If your kids are among those who can never have enough of Sharks, then the shark facts on this page will be of great interest to them. Some of the shark coloring pages we have here will have some cool shark facts written on them as well. So not only is it going to be entertaining but educating as well for your kids.

Before getting on to the shark coloring pages let us have a look at some of the cool facts about sharks.

Shark Species Members

This is a list of various types of sharks found on the planet. This may not be the most exhaustive collection of shark species information but it certainly does include some of the most common varieties and some not so common ones that you will ever come across.

  • Basking Shark (10 m long)
  • Great White Shark (6.6 m long)
  • Tiger Shark (5.6 m long)
  • Common Thresher Shark (5-6 m long)
  • Shortfin Mako Shark (3.95 m long)
  • Blue Shark (3.8 m long)
  • Porbeagle Shark (3.7 m long)
  • Sand Tiger Shark (3.2 m long)
  • Spiny Dogfish (1.5 m long)
  • Smooth Dogfish (1.5 m long)
  • Sharpnose Shark (1 m long)
  • Whale Shark (14 m long)
  • Oceanic Whitetip Shark (4 m long
  • Dusky Shark (4 m long)
  • Smooth Hammerhead Shark (2.5 – 4 m long)
  • Portuguese Shark (1.2 m long)
  • Rough Sagre (70 cm long)
  • Black Dogfish

Cool Shark Facts

Here are some cool shark facts that will add to the fun of working with shark coloring pages.

  • The types of sharks this planet has seen is in excess of 350.
  • Many of the present day sharks evolved some 64 million years ago during the time when dinosaurs ruled the world.
  • Sharks are sharp listeners. A shark can easily feel the presence of a fish in water from about a mile away from the fish.
  • Sharks can smell a drop of blood mixed in a million drops of water. They are utterly sharp when it comes to smelling blood.
  • Whale Shark is the largest living creature. It is about 15 meter long.
  • Largest carnivorous shark is the great white shark that measures about 6.4 meter long
  • The smallest known sharks are the Dwarf Lanternfish that measure about 19-20 centimetres.
  • The most dangerous and fearless sharks are the Oceanic White Tipped Sharks.
  • Blue Sharks are the fastest swimmers and are known to leap out of water at times.

Your Shark Coloring Pages

I have plans of creating a lot of shark coloring pages for you and your kids to enjoy. Some of them will be like real life sharks and others will be more like shark cartoons so that you have a little laugh while coloring them.

Enjoy and have fun with all the shark coloring pages out here.

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