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Islamic Coloring Pages

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Islamic Coloring Pages                      ramadan-mubarak

Islamic, Ramadan and Eid coloring pages are great educational tools to introduce the wonderful culture of Islam to children. They could learn the keys of Islam in an attractive way.

About Islamic Coloring Pages

If we talk about Islamic coloring pages, we need to look back at Islamic art first. Art in Islam is different to European art, they are not only for decorative purpose but also as reminders of the existence of God. Islamic art is usually about geometric designs consisting of patterns, colors, textures, and calligraphy.


Calligraphy has great importance in Islamic art. The designs are really beautiful with a harmonious color combination. Besides skills, some tools are needed to make a really good calligraphy such as a ruler and a compass. Examples of calligraphy can be seen around the world and still exist till today. You can also find calligraphy in the Quran or other Islamic scriptures easily.

More Islamic Coloring Pages

Of course, teachers will love Islamic coloring pages to educate their students. It can be used as a great resource about religion whether it used in the classroom or at break time. These Islamic coloring pages will teach them some key points about Islam in a fun way and can be really engaging. Just check out these printable Islamic coloring pages, simply download and print them for the children to color.

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