Ninjago coloring pages

Do you like ninjas? If yes, then surely one of your favorite cartoons is Ninjago.
Ninjago is a computer-animated television series that centers around teenage Ninjas, who are trained to fight against the forces of evil. Some notable characters include Zane, Nya, and Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Cole,
These coloring pictures are perfect for expressing your creativity, as the characters in this cartoon are colorful and always ready for action. So get ready for action and color these characters as best you can.


Ninjas are dangerous, they are using surprise attacks and they are extremely good fighters, so when you paint these drawings keep that in mind and try to portray them as dangerous characters who hunt down villains. Every ninja has his weapon that he is proud of, definitely, some famous ninja weapons are, Shurikens. Scythe. Nunchucks. Katana.
Paint their weapons with precision as these pictures are full of detail and you need the flair to paint everything fine, this exercise will greatly help you improve your creativity and drawing and coloring skills.
Ninjas like to wear different clothes, and in the cartoon, they are dressed in red, green, black, blue clothes, so whatever color you choose you will not go wrong. However, this is a LEGO cartoon, and as we know, LEGO figures are always yellow, so make sure their faces are yellow and don’t forget that they must look dangerous, because they are Ninjago.

Click on the black and white images below and enjoy coloring, Ninjago Coloring Pages


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