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Bear Coloring Pages

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Bear Coloring Pages

People can find a lot of printable coloring pages about different topics, including places, people, objects, and animals. Some of them are their kids’ favorite animated characters. There are a lot of animated films and series children love and so their characters. Some kids like drawing and coloring animals like dogs, cats, birds, tigers, lions, chickens, cows, and many others. Through this article, we will focus on describing bears and their possible coloring pictures.

Bears in Cartoons

When looking for bears coloring pictures, we might find different images showing true animals and fictional or animated bears. A particular example is about The Care Bears, which is an animated film. It has bears with various colors. These bears have different colors, such as blue, yellow, purple, pink, and brown.
There are films like Brother Bear. One boy named Kenai is transformed into a bear after killing Koda’s mom. Koda is a cute baby bear. Kenai has to begin a different adventure as a bear and so protect the orphaned bear cub. Through the story, they share many adventures and become great friends. People can also take some coloring pages about this film. Some of them show both bears walking or just playing.
Other pictures may be about Baloo from The Jungle Book. Baloo is a bear and one of Mowgli’s friends. Bagheera, a panther, and Baloo often protect the little boy and save him from the bad tiger named Shere Khan. There are many pictures of this story, so you can choose some for coloring. Another great image could be about The Three Bears, from Looney Tunes. Papa Bear or Henry, Mama Bear and Junior Bear are the members of a beautiful and funny family.
We can find a lot of pictures about Winnie the Pooh and kids love him because he is a very friendly, thoughtful and quiet teddy bear. He is yellow, loves honey and helping others. Also, there are many pictures of different teddy bears with lovely and cute phrases. Many people buy and give them to family or friends as presents for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, Children’s Day, or any other memorable date. Kids often have these toys, so it could be great coloring, images of bears

Bear Coloring Sheets

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