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Halloween Witches

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Halloween Witches Coloring Pages

Halloween Witches  Coloring Pages are a great way for children to stay amused. Witches are persons who practice witchcraft. The typical witch is usually portrayed as an old woman, who is wicked and have wrinkled skin, with pimples, and pointy hats. Witches mainly wear black clothes.
Some witches have warts on their noses and long claw-like fingernails.

Halloween Witches

Witches have magical brooms, and they fly on their brooms going here and there. They also have a magic wand which they use to cast evil spells, they also wave the magic wand to turn things into toads and other nasty things.
They have brewing pots where they cook magical stews and brew all sorts of nasty potions.

You can print out these black and white images of Halloween Witch and color them in your own time.

More Halloween Witch coloring pages.

Witches live in places that are full of spiders and spiderwebs, they also have animals like the black cat,
the crow, frogs, snakes, bats, mice, and owl.

Witches are also associate with Halloween. When you think of Halloween, it's easy to relate a wicked old witch with Halloween, stirring up a steaming potion that is brewing away inside a cauldron.
Have you ever wondered where this image started? Do witches really exist?
or is it all made up by someone just for fun.
True or not you can certainly have fun printing out and coloring the images.

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