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Shamrock Coloring Pages

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Shamrock Coloring Pages

Shamrock is a small plant, which has three leaves on each stem. Some people believe that it stands for faith, hope, and love, though in other places it represents something else, like in Ireland, where it is considered as the national symbol and it is related to the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day because he used to use the Shamrock to explain the holy trinity. He stated that each leaf represented something different, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th; people attend different activities such as parades and religious service. Some people wear green clothes and a shamrock. Sometimes, they have these leaves on their heads, clothes and others prefer to hold them in their hands. There are a lot of Shamrock coloring pages on this page, so you can select some images and print them later. They can be colored by different age people, depending on what they need. Some adults may use Shamrock when creating a Mandala or doing a particular work.
You can have pictures with several Shamrock plants and leaves. There are some images with people holding Shamrock in their hands and also some animated characters with some leaves. Other coloring pages show the Shamrock leaves smiling or wearing pretty hats. Some pictures are very beautiful with a complete face.
Other pictures are about Saint Patrick’s Day. For example, some places are decorated using many Shamrock leaves and including phrases such as Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Other people use a Shamrock Mandala to decorate places this special day. Another picture could be St. Patrick with Shamrock in his hand or maybe another person celebrating happily and holding these leaves. Also, it is possible to see this symbol in different objects such as hats, t-shirts, cups, keyrings, charms, earrings, bags, among others.
There are diverse coloring pages that include many Shamrock images so that kids can color them using different crayons. Some of them complete these images drawing eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. They can include a happy smile if they want. Another interesting and pretty picture is a big Shamrock with other mini plants or leaves inside it.

Shamrock Coloring Sheets

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