Dinosaur Activity Pages

Dinosaur activity sheets are perfect for kids who are interested in these prehistoric creatures. Dinosaurs are famed for their gigantic size, and they have long sparked the imagination of adults and children alike. This sense of wonder has resulted in their charming popularity in fictional works such as films and cartoons.
These printable dinosaurs activity pages can be used to practice and maintain children’s interest in the dinosaur theme. Simply print the free dinosaur printables from the list below to get playing and exploring right away!

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Kids can color drawings of stegosaurus, triceratops, velociraptors, and other interesting dinosaurs in these downloadable dinosaur coloring pages.

How to Draw Dinosaur

The following are some YouTube videos that demonstrate how to draw and color dinosaurs. Return soon for other activity pages.

Velociraptor                                          Triceratops