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Tangled Coloring Pages

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Tangled Coloring Pages - I recently went to a cinema near my house with my family to see the Disney movie Tangled. We all enjoyed the movie a lot, especially because the video comes with amazing 3D experience and history was fascinating.

Tangled Coloring Pages Story

It was said in the story that Rapunzel was a princess seized by a wicked witch, Gothel , and locked in a high tower away from everybody. Rapunzel knew Gothel as her own mother and that she had granted her hair magical healing power. In her loneliness, Rapunzel accidentally contact a handsome young bandit, Flynn Rider, who mistakenly believes that Rapunzel's tower was a kingdom guard location.

Rapunzel in contact first with Flynn brought a new adventure as he agreed to help her escape from the tower and direct the lantern carnival in the kingdom. Soon, the two were intertwined complicated connection of love and mistrust. Luckily, at the end of the movie Rapunzel and Flynn found a way to unite their hearts.

Printable Tangled Coloring Pages

Tangled is a Disney  movie about princess with supplements of adventure and heroism. No wonder that not only my sister and I savored the movie, but also our children. I especially like the movie, because of its amazing 3D experience that made all views perceived as real.

After watching the movie, I did a little research on the internet to collect printable Tangled coloring pages. Besides Rapunzel coloring pages, you can also print Rapunzel tower , Pascal the Chameleon, and printable Disney Tangled calendars and stationery that you can download and post on your home.

I accept as true these collections of tangled coloring pages give great fun for the whole family. Mothers and children can color the tangled coloring pages or create household items to print at home, younger teens can print out calendars and keep them in folders school or display them in their studying desks.

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