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Ninjago coloring pages

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Lego Ninjago coloring pages

For all Lego fans, Lego Ninjago coloring pages.

Lego Ninjago is an animated cartoon series, by Lego products, started in 2011 and is based on the toy series with the same name. It is a popular animated television series about the adventures of a group of ninjas.
The show is set in the fictional world of Ninjago, a place inspired by Japanese myths and culture.
The land of Ninjago was created by the first Master of Spinjitz using the four golden weapons, the Scythe of Quakes, the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice and the Dragon Sword of Fire.


These weapons were known to have mysterious energy and whose combined power was so great that no single person could handle them at one time.

Lego Ninjago

The Ninjas: Cole, Jay, Kai, and Zane need the help of elemental dragons to save the golden weapons but first they must tame their own dragons, which is not always easy.

Lego Ninjago cartoon series is loaded with adventure, danger, lots of martial arts fights involving ninjas, skeletons, and guardian monsters, the action is fast-paced, but the fights are totally bloodless and at times funny.

Print and Color

Kids will love coloring Lego Ninjago coloring pages, featuring their favorite characters. Print and color these coloring pages and have fun!

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