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Monkeys Coloring Pages

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Monkeys coloring pages

Monkeys come in different shapes and sizes, they can vary in color also. Monkeys are thought to be clever animals.depending on the natural habitat, and terrain, some species of monkeys spend time living in trees and other species of monkeys mainly live on the ground.

There are about 260 species, that are mainly categorized into two groups, the new world, and the old world monkeys. Monkeys that live in Asia and Africa are called old world monkeys, the ones that live in South America are called new world monkeys. some examples of new world species of monkeys are Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, Titi Monkey, Squirrel Monkeys, and the Owl Monkeys.and  some species of the old world monkeys include Baboons, Guenons, Macaques, Mangabeys, and Leaf-monkeys.


The pygmy marmoset monkeys are thought to be the worlds smallest monkey species from the new world,
and the Mandrill monkey is the worlds largest and is found in the old world monkey category.

Monkeys don't eat bananas only, they have a varied diet, most monkeys diet includes
plant-based foods like nuts, seeds, flowers and fruits, leaves.Some species of monkeys will also eat small animals like lizards, insects, and eggs. As part of their social behavior monkeys groom each other for hours, grooming helps to keep the monkeys clean by taking dirt and bugs out from the fur. This grooming process is an expression of bonding and affection.

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